Wi-fEye – Automated Network penetration testing tool

Wi-fEye is the first PROPER project that i’ve finished recently … it took me a while to finish programming it as i only worked on it at my free time. Writing this tool improved my programming abilities a lot and made me love python.

Wi-fEye is designed to help with network penetration testing, Wi-fEye will allow you to perform a number of powerful attacks Automatically, all you have to do is to lunch  Wi-fEye, choose which attack to perform,  select your target and let Wi-fEye do the magic !!.

Wi-fEye is divided to the following menus:

1.Cracking menu: This menu will allow you to:

  • Enable monitor mode
  • View avalale Wireless Networks
  • Launch Airodump-ng on a specific AP
  • WEP cracking: this will allow you to perform the following attacks automatically:
    • Interactive packet replay.
    • Fake Authentication Attack.
    • Korek Chopchop Attack.
    • Fragmentation Attack.
    • Hirte Attack (cfrag attack).
    • Wesside-ng.
  • WPA Cracking: This contains the following attacks:
    • Wordlist Attack
    • Rouge AP Attack.

2.  Mapping: this menu will allow you to do the following:

  • Scan the network and view the connected hosts.
  • Use Nmap Automatically.

3.  MITM:  this menu will allow you to do the following Automatically:

  • Enable IP forwarding.
  • ARP Spoof.
  • Launch ettercap (Text mode).
  • Sniff SSL/HTTPS traffic.
  • Sniff URLs and send them to browser.
  • Sniff messengers from instant messengers.
  • Sniff images.
  • DNS Spoof.
  • HTTP Session Hijacking (using Hamster).

4. Others: this menu will allow you to o the following automatically:

  • Change MAC Address.
  • Hijack software updates (using Evilgrade)

22 thoughts on “Wi-fEye – Automated Network penetration testing tool

  1. Hi Zaid,
    I’m interested in this project so i read some of your code (my compliments, it is very clean and monkey-proof ^^) and i noticed one thing: you use ettercap both for ARP poisoning and DNS spoof but you also require dsniff in your deps, so i thought: why not use only dsniff, that has arpspoof and dnsspoof inside and it is more stable? (ettercap suffers some problems in x86_64 pure distributions like Archlinux and his source contains very old code)

    Good job,

    P.S. I’m sure that you have no need for tips but if you need i have a mini script that i use to do arp spoof + dns spoof with arpspoof and dnsspoof.

    • when i started programming Wi-fEye i used arpspoof and dnsspoof instead of ettercap, i really can’t remeber what happened but i had a major issue and therefor i used ettercap instead.
      ill try to use dsniff instead next time and see what will happen…
      thanks for the suggestion

  2. Well, i have another question: is your code under GPL? I can use a part of it including credits obviusly… ? In these days i’m playing with python and wxwidgets so i can do a little gui. If i can use part of your code ^^


  3. hi….
    i dont know what happen now…..i already do follow the step…but not working…and 1 more thing…what i see i same in Wi-fEye.py …

    hope u can solve this….

    thank great zaid….

  4. Interfaces:

    1. wlan0
    2. mon0
    3. mon1
    4. mon2
    5. mon3
    6. wlan1

    Select your network interface

    wi-fEye>> interface: 6
    wi-fEye>>Enable monitor mode ??(y/n) y

    enabling monitor mode on wlan1…
    Error for wireless request “Set Mode” (8B06) :
    SET failed on device wlan1 ; Invalid argument.

    Could not enable monitor mode on wlan1

  5. thank so much because u reply this posting.

    not yet about attacking…
    i already install to my Linux practically in Ubuntu…..just follow the step…should be done..
    the problem is:
    1) i dont know what i must to do for edit this ” Before using Wi-fEye we need to edit some of variables in Wi-fEye.py” because all what i see is same…maybe i m beginner…so hope u can give some explanation…
    2) maybe because not edit..i cannot run Wi-fEye.py…..

    hopefully with this info can help u to identify my problem…

    thank alot …

    • Yes u need 2 edit the paths for the executables as described in the documentation , u should change the default path 2 the path that u have on ur system

  6. السلام عليكم :
    اتبعت الخطوات كما يجب و النتيجة
    Error: aircrack-ng is not installed
    كيف أتعامل مع الموقف

  7. السلام عليكم أخ زيد
    1. wlan1
    2. wlan0

    Enter your network interface

    wi-fEye>> interface:2
    wi-fEye>>Enable monitor mode ??(y/n) y

    enabling monitor mode on 2…
    2: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
    Error for wireless request “Set Mode” (8B06) :
    SET failed on device 2 ; No such device.
    2: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
    2 No such device

    Could not enable monitor mode on 2
    2: error fetching interface information: Device not found

    Error: Could not get your source MAC address , this is vital in WEP/WPA cracking

    Enter Your MAC address:
    what i have to do
    Than x too mach

    • Because the program is not configured correctly or because aircrack-ng is not installed you have to enter the name manually , ie: don’t enter 2 enter wlan0

  8. Hey Zaid, I’m having an issue with the arp_spoof.py we created in the hacking with python class. Could you copy/paste the tool? I’m getting many errors but can’t seem to resolve the issue

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