zSecurity – Everything a Hacker Needs In One Place

I’m glad to announce the release of zSecurity, this is an idea that I had for a long time, the idea is to have a place that contains everything that a hacker might need, right now the website is still new so it doesn’t have too many features but we started with the essential ideas, right now it contains:

  1. An ethical hacking community where people can learn and share their knowledge for free, this will contain tutorials, articles and news related to ethical hacking, anyone can submit an article but articles get reviewed first before they get published to make sure the are unique and contain good information.
  2. An online learning platform – this section contains online courses related to cyber security, right now it only contains courses by me but we will add more there in the future, the focus will be quality over quantity so we will only include the best ethical hacking courses.
  3. An online shop – right now it only contains wireless adapters that support monitor mode and packet injection, but again there will be much more cool stuff there in the future.

The website is still new, we still have lots of ideas but we wanted to launch it like this first and let it grow and take shape as time passes.

I don’t want to make this too long, you can check the website out here https://zsecurity.org/ , like its facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay updated.

One thought on “zSecurity – Everything a Hacker Needs In One Place

  1. Hi ziad
    A while ago i enrolled in one of ur hacking courses. I have had a lot of issues with kali and virtualbox. I have search the web and watch so many videos and posted q&a but nothing is working. Please get back to me

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