Wi-fEye v1.0-beta Released


Ok so its been a long time since I said i’m going to release a new version of Wi-fEye soon , but between college and work I had very little time to work on it.

Anyway here it is after more than 2 years Wi-fEye v1.0 is out with some new features , bug fixes and compitableity improvements.

For those who don’t know what Wi-fEye is I suggest you google it

This version is still in beta so expect to see bugs ,¬†I still have a lot of ideas to add to it but can’t promise when I will add these features :)

For download and more info check out the official website (http://wi-feye.za1d.com)

So yeah that’s pretty much it , enjoy


Hello world [The real one :D]

Ok , so my last blog was 2 years ago , i know i didn’t even blog much before that , the reason is that i never wanted to blog ! The only reason I made this blog is to talk about Wi-fEye and that’s what i did .

Now I actually want to start blogging , that’s why i’m going to consider this as my first blog …. lets just put the past behind :D

So i’m going to talk about everything here , mostly computer related stuff , but i’ll probably talk about other random shit as well. I will be blogging randomly as well , blogging is exhausting , thinking about taking a break already :P.

Oh yeah i’m working on a new version of Wi-fEye with some new cool features …. stay tuned !